Sports Massage

Massage can benefit anyone from professional athletes aiming to maintain performance, to office workers spending hours sat at a desk.
Daily life can take a toll on our soft tissues, through repetitive movements, poor posture and work related activities. Massage can provide relief to aches, pains and tension we carry round with us.
Treatments will be tailored to suit individual needs, whether it be for relaxation, to aid injury rehabilitation, to relieve tension or for maintaining peak performance.



Sports Massage Treatment

Treatments will include an assessment to help to gain enough information to provide an appropriate massage. Once a treatment plan has been agreed, the remaining time will be used for your massage. This will involve techniques such as effleurage, petrissage and passive stretching

Assessments may include:
- Lifestyle and Medical History
- Postural Analysis
- Range of Movement Testing
- Functional Testing

45 mins - £35